Alocasia Polly


PROMINENT VEIN-LIKE FOLIAGE – The Alocasia Polly’s dark green leaves are offset by striking, vein-like foliage, making the foliage have an extra dimension to them, separating it from the look of other plants.
ELEGANT AND CLASSY APPEARANCE – Utilising this plant in a pot is one of the key aspects the Polly can offer. It will provide a classic and stylish look to your home, office or indoor environment, which can only be a good thing.
THE PERFECT PLANT FOR BATHROOMS – Any plant which loves a higher humidity level than others is a perfect fit for a bathroom, so this is no different with the Alocasia Polly. The bathroom offers a place where humidity levels are pronounced, therefore allowing this plant to thrive in that environment.
HIGH-DEVELOPMENT IN PARTIAL SHADE – This plant will take kindly to not being exposed to full sunlight. It prefers to be located in an area which has partial shade as that means the harsh sun rays won’t be able to scorch the plant.

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