Trailing cactus



Quirky different cactus are the best! this one is from Central and South America.

the presence of beautiful flowers and plants indoors will not only improve your house interior. But, they will also help reduce stress levels and boost productivity.
This plant thrives in bright, indirect sunlight for most of the day and some full direct sunlight in the morning but more than that will cause discolouration. Make sure to rotate your plant regularly, if the sun only reaches one side it will grow lopsided which defeats its beauty. It will get more red colour the more sun/light it gets.
Let the soil dry between waterings. In Winter give it a very light water it once a month and during Summer months you might shorten it according to how quick the soil fully dries. Do not overwater it as it will not like it.When watering let it only be lightly moist not wet.

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